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Lauren Moreno

Lauren Moreno, D.V.M


Dr. Moreno grew up in a small town in western New York. While in graduate school studying to be an Audiologist, Dr. Moreno worked at a veterinary clinic, which was always her true passion. She could never seem to tear herself away from the veterinary clinic or the animals and after 3 ½ years in audiology, she returned to school to take prerequisites for veterinary school.

Dr. Moreno’s advanced degrees include a B.A. in Biology and a M.S. in Audiology. She graduated and received her D.V.M. from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. Her special interest in veterinary medicine is neurology. Dr. Moreno receives great satisfaction from witnessing the bond that develops between humans and their pets.

Dr. Moreno shares her home with her goldendoodle named Murphy, 3 cats named Miss Boo, Romeo and Little Pete, and a red-eared slider named Theo.

Harriet blanton, d.v.m.

Growing up as one of five siblings on a Kansas farm, Dr. Blanton always knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up: a veterinarian, of course! "Who could imagine a better job than playing with animals all day?", says Dr, Blanton, who received her D.V.M degree from Washington State University in 1991.

Dr. Blanton is particularly interested in internal medicine, animal behavior and the human-animal bond. One of her most memorable veterinary experiences has been setting the broken leg of a sweet and very pregnant rat. Dr. Blanton's hard work was well-rewarded when the rat's ten-year-old owner brought her pet back to the hospital a month later - accompanied by a litter of eight, one of whom was named Harriet!

Dr. Blanton stays active with snowshoeing, hiking and scuba-diving. In her free time, she enjoys knitting, reading and cooking. She shares her home with her geologist husband, Tim, a terrier mix named Ollie, two cats named Josephina and Naomi, and a cockatiel named Walter.


Annie Custer, D.V.M.

Dr. Custer grew up on a beef and Christmas tree farm in rural West Virginia. Most of her best childhood memories revolve around the animals which she helped take care of on the family farm. It was her grandparents who passed their love and respect for animals and devotion to the farm onto her.

Dr. Custer's veterinary career started when she began volunteering for the local veterinarian while she was in grade school. She started in the kennels and in 1981 finally achieved her dream of going to veterinary school.

She graduated from the University of Georgia in 1985. She has practiced in Georgia, Montana, West Virginia and Massachusetts. Annie has enjoyed practicing both large and small animal medicine.

Since moving to New England in 1992, Dr. Custer has focused on small animal medicine. She has a special interest in dentistry, surgery and nutrition. She enjoys a close working relationship with her clients and feels an informed owner can help her make the best decisions for their precious companions.

Dr. Custer shares her life with her two beagles, Rudy and Randy; three cats, Oliver, who was adopted from People for Animals League, and Whiskers and Kibbles, who were rescued as feral kittens. Her life would not be complete without the love, compassion and understanding from her husband Ed and her two sons, Taylor and Patrick.

Allie Kulow D.V.M.

Dr. Kulow graduated from The Ohio State University in 1996 and has been practicing in NY and MA ever since.  After completing an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery in 1997, she continued to work as an associate in Rochester NY. Throughout the years, she developed professional interests in veterinary behavior, shelter medicine and internal medicine.

She relocated to MA in 2016 with her husband, 2 Border Collie mixes and a couple of cats. She is excited to join the staff at Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic.

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jen williams, D.V.M.

Dr. Williams grew up on her grandfather's dairy farm in Rutland, MA. She volunteered on community farms and worked for a veterinarian in high school, which paved her journey to a career in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Williams earned her D.V.M. from Colorado State University in 2008. She has worked in small animal private practice for eleven years and non-profit veterinary medicine for almost two years prior to joining us at Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic. Her professional interests include preventative care, internal medicine, dentistry, soft tissue surgery, and she is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture. She enjoys educating animal caretakers and appreciates the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people and animals. She strives to live in a world where the human-animal bond is embraced as an essential element of human wellness.

Dr. Williams lives with her son, Cedar, and an assortment of cats, dogs, chickens and an adorable chinchilla. She is certified as both a snowboard and yoga instructor. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time in nature with her son.


Amy Boulette


Amy has worked at Hubbardston Vet Clinic since September 2013. She became a certified veterinary technician after graduating from Becker College in 1995. She has worked in several different small animal clinics, but has especially enjoyed the clientele and animals at Hubbardston.

When not working, Amy likes to garden, go canoeing or kayaking, and has even tried beekeeping. Amy has 4 dogs, 3 cats and chickens.


Jenn Haggett


Jenn works at Hubbardston Vet Clinic part time as she also works at Veterinary Dental Services, LLC in Boxborough. Jenn graduated from Becker College and has been a certified veterinary technician since 1999. She likes the opportunity to stay in general practice while also serving your pet's specialized dental needs. Jenn shares her home with multiple dogs, cats and chickens. In her spare time she likes to canoe and go fishing.


Chelsea Richard


Chelsea has been in the veterinary field for about 5 years. She started out working at a doggy daycare where she immediately realized her passion for animal care. She is currently enrolled in the Penn Foster program and is working her way towards becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. Along with her husband, she shares her home with their dog, Hunter, and cat, Shadow.


Jill Van Hoven


Jill has worked in the veterinary field for 20 years. She attended Becker College to study interior design only to realize that her true passion is animal care, starting her veterinary career in 1995. In 2005 she began work at Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic and remained at the practice when purchased by Dr. Moreno in 2013. Jill is a key employee in the day to day operations wearing many hats at the clinic. It is not uncommon to see Jill assisting the doctor as a technician, acting as a receptionist, working on inventory or even steam cleaning the carpet in the reception area.

Jill shares her home with three indoor cats and has an occasional visit from her granddog Casey. In her spare time, Jill likes to read, cook, kayak and spend time with her family and friends.


Elise Smith


Elise studied veterinary medicine at Becker College and did her internship at Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic in 2007, becoming an employee of the clinic in 2008.

Elise is a valued employee at Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic serving the pets and people of the Hubbardston area.

She shares her home with her black lab mix, Ozzy.

Gina headshot

Gina Ruud


Gina has been working in the veterinary field since 2004 in both general practice and emergency medicine. She lives in Hubbardston where she was born and raised. In her free time she enjoys riding her four-wheeler, camping and relaxing. She is currently in school for nursing and anticipates graduating in May 2019, but plans on continuing in the veterinary field part time after graduation. She has several pets of her own including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and goats.

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Jen Stewart


Growing up, Jen always had a love and passion for animals. After completing an externship in 2014, she knew Veterinary Medicine was the field she was destined for. Jen began working as a technician in July 2015 and is currently working towards becoming a credentialed veterinary technician through Penn Foster. Jen has an array of animals including a horse, three dogs, two cats, two ferrets and a gecko. In her free time, she enjoys trail riding, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Lisa website photo

Lisa Durant


Lisa has enjoyed working as a veterinary receptionist since 2003 and joined Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic in 2019. Her love for animals started at the early age of three with her first pony named Peanuts. She has a passion for animals and feels grateful to be surrounded by them while at work as well as at home. Currently, she shares her home with her two cats, Beck and Mack, and enjoys traveling, cycling and visiting the beach on her free time.


Charlyne Wilder


Charlyne always enjoyed being around animals as well as working with the public. As a child, her family included birds, dogs and even a chipmunk which her mother trained. She was delighted when the opportunity presented itself to join the staff at her local vet years ago. She initially became a part of Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic as a receptionist in 2005. She shares her home with her cat, Misty.


Christine McKelvie


After working many years in retail and pharmacy, Christine joined the team at Hubbardston Veterinary Clinic in 2013. In her free time she enjoys walking, hiking, reading, music and spending time with her family. Christine shares her home with her two dogs, Molly and Mabel.